About The Breed

Tibetan Mastiffs
The Tibetan Mastiff is a large Tibetan dog breed belonging to the mastiff family. Originating with the nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, Mongolia, India and Nepal, it is used by local tribes of Tibetans to protect sheep from wolves, leopards, bears, large mustelids, and tigers.
The Tibetan Mastiff is a massive, furry dog that was bred as a guard dog in the Himalayas centuries ago. It is now credited as the ancestor of many modern large breed dogs, such as the Saint Bernard, Boxer, and the English Mastiff. These large pups are known for their impressive vocal chords, which produce a very deep, loud bark. Tibetan Mastiffs are loving and affectionate towards their families, and tend to be protective of their people and territory.So Tibetan Mastiff puppy or Tibetan Mastiff price or cost all depends on where you can adopt a Tibetan Mastiff since you can adopt Tibetan Mastiff puppy online.Look for local breeders i.e Tibetan Mastiff Breeders,and ask for the cost of Tibetan Mastiff or where you can buy Tibetan Mastiff puppy online since people search for where to adopt Tibetan Mastiff pups online,how much is Tibetan Mastiff puppy,.Feel sale to buy a Tibetan Mastiff puppy online since Tibetan Mastiff puppies for sale or Tibetan Mastiff puppy for sale or Tibetan Mastiff puppy for adoption are playful dogs.The Tibetan Mastiff, being a large dog, does require enough room to romp and exercise properly. While they are an active dog out-of-doors, they are usually fairly quiet when in the house. Because of centuries of being bred for guarding flocks and homesteads, the Tibetan Mastiff does tend to be a “night barker,” and this may be a consideration depending on where you live, and whether or not your Tibetan Mastiff will sleep outdoors or indoors at night.